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Weekend Recap: Roadtrips and Rain!

I haven’t done a recap in awhile, so I thought today was the perfect day to do one! Over the past few weeks, we’ve just been doing our thing here in Middle Tennessee. As I mentioned in a previous weekend recap, we are season ticket holders for the Atlanta United FC and this past weekend was another home game!

On Friday, after work, we loaded up the car and drove to Kennesaw to stay with my sister. Her and her fiancee just purchased a house and they wanted us to see it so we decided to stay with them instead of staying at my parents house in Marietta. My sister hasn’t hung out with Maddie in a little while, either, so it was the perfect opportunity for her to get some auntie time in. Once we got to Kennesaw, my sister made some gluten free cookies and we put Maddie to bed. Once she was in bed, my other sister and her boyfriend came over and we spent some time playing games and drinking wine. It was nice to be able to hang out with everyone! I have lived away from my family since I left for college so getting to be in the same place as both of my sisters isn’t very common anymore.

On Saturday, we woke up and made a big breakfast. I made bacon and hashbrowns and my sister made some gluten free pancakes that were delicious! After breakfast, we got dressed and headed to Kennesaw Mountain for a hike.


I had never hiked Kennesaw Mountain and it was tough! It’s a mile up and a mile down and some parts are pretty steep! I also carried Maddie on my back most of the way up so I definitely got a workout in.

After the hike, we went back to my sisters house and relaxed for a little bit until it was time to go to the soccer game. Mike and I drove to Buckhead to see some friends and then we took Marta from Buckhead to downtown Atlanta.

When we got there, it was POURING rain. Everyone was taking shelter in the Marta station and we found out that there was a game delay and the gates into the stadium were closed. Once the rain settled a bit, we decided to walk to a sports bar to get some dinner and watch the beginning of the Predators game. After we ate, we walked back to the stadium and watched the soccer game!

It was a ton of fun, even though it was a bit rainy. Atlanta won 4-1 and the Predators ended up winning game 5 of the Western Conference Finals in Anaheim which was a huge win! It was a good sports night for us!

We didn’t get back to my sisters house until almost midnight so we crashed hard and then Sunday morning we woke up and at breakfast at First Watch. It was delicious!

After breakfast, we met my parents at my sisters house. We visited with them for a little while before packing up and heading back to Tennessee. Once we got back, we unpacked, went grocery shopping, went to the gym, ate dinner, and then went to bed early! It was a busy but really fun weekend!

Questions for you:

Did you do anything fun this weekend?
What is your favorite sport to watch?

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