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Spring Time Fitness


Spring has finally sprung here in middle Tennessee and it has been GREAT. Trees are SUPER green here, which is awesome to see. In Savannah, the greenery was kind of hidden by the Spanish Moss. Spanish Moss is BEAUTIFUL, but I haven’t seen green trees like the ones in Tennessee in a long time! It’s like something out of a movie almost.

The change in the weather makes it much easier to get outside and be active. I’ve still been going to the gym on Tuesday and Thursday mornings because the sun isn’t up yet, but the sun is starting to rise earlier and earlier so I expect I’ll be able to do some morning runs soon.

Mike and I recently started a challenge that a shop in the city is having. I don’t remember the exact name of it, but the goal is to run 100 miles on the town’s Greenway in a year. We did a mile last night after we both got home from work and it was gorgeous out there! We mainly went because there’s a playground at the trailhead by our house and Maddie loves it, but we decided to do a quick walk while we were there. It’s not blazing hot yet, so I hope to be able to start substituting my night time gym sessions with an evening run. The sun doesn’t set until about 7:30 and it doesn’t get totally dark until nearly 8:00, so I’ll have plenty of time to get a run in.

That brings me to my current fitness goal- running. I used to be in awesome running shape. I’ve done 2 half marathons, more 5ks than I can count, and I could run a good distance without walking. Now? Not so much. I have been focusing more on weights and I’ve done a lot of cardio on the elliptical lately, so I know I’m not TOTALLY out of shape, but I did 2 miles the other day and it was a struggle. I’m sure my endurance will come back quickly, but now that it’s pretty outside I’m ready to get out there! I was planning on doing a half marathon at the end of the year, but I don’t think that will happen anymore. Not because I can’t do it, but I truly don’t feel like I can commit the time to training with everything I have going on. Our town hosts a ton of 5k races, though, so I will probably just train for 5ks! You don’t have to run marathons to be a runner, friends!

My first running goal is to run 1 mile without stopping now that I’m working on relearning my pace. It’s tough on the treadmill, but I think I’ll be able to hit that goal soon since running outside is more convenient now.


Questions for you:
1. What is your fitness goal this spring?
2. What are you going to do to work towards that goal?

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