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New Gyms and Hockey Games!

Happy Monday, friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Last weekend, we went to Atlanta to see the Atlanta United soccer team play. My parents live in that area but my mom had gone to Mexico for some classes (she’s working on her PhD) so my dad got tons of Maddie time. My mom came back from Mexico and they had planned to go to Chattanooga to a distillery on Friday,  so they decided to go ahead and drive up to see us on Saturday so my mom could get some Maddie time. It was all fairly last minute and the weekend turned out to be way more fun than any of us had anticipated!

Saturday morning, Mike and I went to Gold’s Gym. We recently ended our Planet Fitness memberships  because we wanted to be able to workout together and Planet Fitness doesn’t offer child care. It was our first time going to the gym together in almost two years and it was so much fun! We did regular and decline bench press, shoulders, and finished up our workout in the Cardio Cinema. I’d never done a workout in a Cardio Cinema, but it was great! It’s dark and they play movies! Fantastic Four was on while we were in there.  I was really excited about lifting because I hadn’t done bench in forever. My previous 1 rep max was 95 pounds but I lifted 115 for 3 reps! We both had a blast and it really reminded us of back when we first started dating and got married when we used to workout together a lot.

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After the gym, we cleaned up the house a bit and then my parents arrived. Earlier in the week, we had talked to my dad about going to a Predators game. My dad wanted to surprise my mom, so when she asked what we were going to do that night, I mentioned that maybe we could go downtown and get dinner or something. She was excited because she hadn’t been to downtown Nashville in awhile. Around 3, my dad and Mike went to get some things from the store and grabbed some Predators gear for my parents. When they got back, my dad handed my mom her Preds sweatshirt and said we had to start getting ready. She caught on that we were going to a game and was so excited! Neither of my parents had been to a hockey game, so it was going to be a cool experience for everyone. Everyone got ready to go and we made our way to Bridgestone Arena!
carrie crista nashville predators

When we got there, we got some food and I was super excited because I was able to buy a Nashville Predators Love Your Melon beanie before the game. Love Your Melon is a company that makes these really cute slouchy beanies. The company uses the money they earn to help fund child cancer research and they also donate beanies to kids fighting cancer. Love Your Melon teams up with some professional sports teams for certain nights and, on those nights, you can buy a ticket package that includes a beanie with the team logo on it. I missed the game where the ticket package was sold, but they had extra beanies for sale so I bought one!

carrie crista

The game ended up being a blast! We played the San Jose Sharks. We were honestly unsure if the Preds would pull out the win because the Sharks are a good hockey team and we would potentially play them in the playoffs. We ended up winning 7-2! We also celebrated our goalie’s 500th NHL game so there was a ton of stuff going on. Maddie was awesome! She fell asleep during the second period and slept like a rock.

On Sunday, we watched church from home since Maddie was a bit under the weather. Then we went to lunch with my parents before they went back home. After they left, we went grocery shopping, relaxed a little bit, and the Mike and I watched Dr. Strange after Maddie went to bed.

Overall, it was a really fun weekend! I’m super excited that we have a gym where we can exercise together and it was really great to see both of my parents.

Questions for you:


  1. What did you do over the weekend?
  2. Do you like working out alone or with someone?

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