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The Greatest Showman & The Problem With Influencers

I was originally going to publish a different blog post today, a blog about how to balance your life. That post is still coming, but I’ve had some conversations over the past few days that have me thinking and I wanted to address something.

The internet can learn a lot from The Greatest Showman. Now, hear me out. This isn’t another movie review. This isn’t a post about how great Hugh Jackman is, though, he is and you should see the movie if you haven’t already. This post is about how bloggers, instagrammers, YouTubers, and influencers in general honestly need to get a grip and learn from this movie. I’ll explain…

How many times have you read a blog post that doesn’t make you feel good? How many times have you seen a fitness guru post something that makes you wish you had what they had? How many times do you watch a beauty guru on YouTube and wish you had the makeup or the skin they had? ALL. THE. TIME. If you’ve never looked at someone on the internet and felt a little inferior, hit me up because I need your secrets. If you have felt that way, I have good news for you. It’s all fake. Seriously. And I think it’s time for that to change.

I’ve had multiple people, friends and strangers, tell me that they appreciate how honest and real I am on social media. This isn’t about me patting myself on the back for that because, honestly, I’ve definitely been through phases where I show the highlights of my life. What this IS about is how ridiculous social media and influencers have gotten with the curation of their content. It has sent some influencers so far down the rabbit hole that marriages are ending, friends are dipping out, and subscribers and followers are buying, literally and figuratively, things that are not real life. It is SO dang sad and I’m honestly frustrated with it all.

So, how does The Greatest Showman play a part? Without any spoilers, I’ll cut right to the chase. There’s a song in the movie called From Now On. It’s my favorite song on the soundtrack and there is an incredible message in it.


How many influencers, and people in general, are searching for more? How far have people been willing to stoop in order to gain fame, followers, likes, and success? And at what cost? If you’re an influencer of any kind, I want you to stop and think. What are you sacrificing and who is being hurt? People follow influencers for a reason. I know people read my posts and watch my videos and I want to make sure those people are feeling GOOD about themselves when they see my content. The first step to doing that is making sure I am honest and real, regardless of how good it looks.

Yes, some things need to stay personal and that line will depend on the person. Yes, there are certain best practices when it comes to social media marketing. The wrong approach to being an influencer, however, is abandoning everything you have in real life for the sake of an online persona. Excuse my french, for a moment, but a lot of influencers need to get their heads out of their asses a look beyond the screen. If the internet shuts down tomorrow, who is there?

There’s another song in the movie that says the following:

OWN THESE WORDS. Apply these words to your life, whoever you are. As an individual, remember that you cannot be all things to all people. You cannot control what other people think or say about you. You do NOT need to compare yourself to what you see on social media. You can control how you react and how you feel about yourself. As an influencer, remember who you are. You are NOT perfect, sorry. You do not have it all together. You are bruised and it is ok. Be honest. Yes, it’s scary to admit that sometimes, but it is exhausting for you to continuously curate perfect content. As someone who has follower influencers who do this, it’s honestly obnoxious at some point. Be a real person. You as a person are not the products you sell or influence people to buy.

You may be wondering why I stay on social media if it bothers me that much and that’s a valid question. The honest answer is that I enjoy blogging. I enjoy posting to my social media accounts. I also hope that I can be at least one person in the social media world who doesn’t try to act like life is perfect all the time. I want to be someone who can relate to the people in the real world because, and I know this comes as a shock, I am a real person in the real world. I sincerely hope social media starts to shift and people who are real and honest start to pave their way. I hope readers and viewers start to realize that what they are seeing is curated and a misrepresentation of what life really is. I hope people start to see that being an influencer is a platform to do good, not to fake the life you want people to think you have. You can be inspirational and honest at the same time.


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    This. All of it. (Dang dust in my eye)

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