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Fitness Check-In | June

About a month ago, I wrote a blog post on my fitness goals and my plan of action to meet those goals. I have been pretty consistent recently so I figured this was the perfect time for a check in post!

So, back in December, I weighed 176.6 pounds. When I updated last, I was down to 165 pounds. Most of that was just due to not eating like it was the holiday season so most of it came of pretty easily. At the end of May, we decided as a family to really buckle down and eat better. That was May 21st and I weighed 169 pounds. Since then, we have reduced the amount of carbs we eat and started to focus on eating more protein and veggies. I am not as strict with my carb intake as Mike is, but I am definitely starting to choose less carby options if they’re available. I do still eat bread/pasta every so often and I’m not cutting fruit out, but I am minimizing the amount of sweets I eat and choosing lettuce wraps over bread or cauliflower rice/spaghetti squash over rice or pasta for the most part. I am making sure to eat things I love so I don’t feel deprived and we treat ourselves once or twice a week!

As far as exercise goes, I have been running a lot more. I used to really enjoy running but I stopped after my last half marathon in November of 2014. I did some damage to my IT band so I had to stop to let it heal and I never really started back up again. I went on a few runs here and there, but nothing consistent. Lately, I have enjoyed running again and my endurance continues to get better. I’m still not running 8 miles at a time without walking, but I’m totally ok with that! I generally do intervals of .3 miles walking and .7 miles running for anywhere from 2-4 miles. I get a great workout in and it definitely keeps me from hating running since I tend to feel good when I run that way.

With all of that being said, the work I’m putting in is definitely paying off because I now weigh 162.2 pounds!

I honestly am not sure what a weight goal would be for me. In the midst of all of this, I know that what you weigh doesn’t really say a ton about how healthy you are. I think, right now, my goal is to be at my pre-pregnancy weight of 142 pounds, but there are so many factors that I will be constantly assessing how I feel and how clothes fit as well.

I do want to make sure I’m consistent since we’re going on vacation semi-soon. I know I’m going to fully enjoy myself on vacation and consistency will keep vacation from being a setback!

Questions for you:

Do you have any health goals?

What are you doing to achieve them?

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