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December Recap

And just like that, the end of the year is here. I feel like 2017 really flew by and that there is no way it’s December again, but here we are! This time last year, we were neck deep in moving and selling our house. This December has been much more relaxed and, for that, I am so thankful!

December was a great month for my family to unwind a bit. We traveled nearly every weekend of October and November, and we traveled about every other weekend through the summer. Each trip was a great time, but some time at home was much needed for me. We spent the weekends as a family and we were truly able to enjoy the Christmas season. We set up our Christmas decorations shortly before Thanksgiving and we added little things here and there throughout the month. Surprisingly, Maddie only tried to get into one gift and she wasn’t successful. She also stopped trying to take ornaments off the tree shortly after it was put up so I call our first Christmas with a toddler a success!

In addition to family time on the weekends, we decided to give the first floor of our home a bit of a makeover. I will be blogging in detail about our first floor makeover soon so I won’t get into details here, but we ended up adding some art to Maddie’s playroom, some art to the downstairs powder room, and some shelves to the living room. I love the way it turned out! Pictures will come in my detailed blog post, I promise!

Also in the month of December, my parents came to visit! It was the first time they saw our new house so I was very excited for them to come. While they were here, we ate at a restaurant called first watch that had an AMAZING avocado toast! We also went to a nearby city to see a Christmas light display. We spent THREE HOURS in the car waiting, but it was awesome and Maddie loved it.

avocado toast

My father in law and sister in law came up from Miami for Christmas and it was good to see them. They arrived the day before Christmas Eve so they went to church with us on Christmas Eve and then they spent the next few days with us. We went into Nashville and showed them around the Centennial Park and Broadway so they could see some of the touristy things. We also had a Star Wars marathon!

Christmas Day was amazing. It’s so cool to see Maddie really start to understand Christmas. I don’t think she will remember it for next year, but she really got into it this year so I’m hoping she will start to look forward to it like we do in the next few years.

Mike and I were both off work the week of Christmas and Maddie’s daycare was open so we took advantage of those childless days and spent some time together. One of those days was spent visiting the Jack Daniel’s Distillery! It’s not far from where we live so we went ahead and booked a tour and tasting. It was really cool! I’m not a huge whiskey person, myself, but I really enjoyed learning about the history of the company and about their distilling process.

December is coming to a close and I’m really excited for next year. My parents are actually coming up for New Years and we are going to go to a Tennessee Titans game on New Years Eve! My dad has never been to an NFL game and NFL football is a long-standing tradition on my side of the family so I’m excited to experience a game with him!

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