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Comparing Yourself to Others

Comparison seems to be something that everyone struggles with at some point. I have been open on my channel lately about how I’ve struggled to get into a groove with filming because I feel like I’m not getting the reach I used to and it’s been really frustrating. It really all boils down to the fact that I compare myself far too often.  There’s a saying that says, “Comparison is the thief of joy,” and, boy, is that true.

I am the person who is always wondering how I can be better at things. It really starts out as a way to benchmark my progress, purely analytical. I look at followers, subscribers, interactions, content, things like that. Because of my nature, though, it snowballs into me comparing myself to the person. Maybe my content isn’t as good? Maybe I need to change myself?


It is absolutely insane and absolutely exhausting, but I have been working really hard to stop that type of thinking recently and I wanted to share some of the things I’ve learned and some of the things that have helped me when I start to compare myself to other people.

It is SO important to remember that you were created to be you. No one else. You are not meant to be like someone else. You are not meant to do the same things as someone else. You are meant to be yourself and fulfill your purpose. You don’t always have to know what that purpose is, but just know that you aren’t here to copy someone else. You can be inspired by someone without imitating them. It’s often hard to find that line, but know that when you try too much to be like someone else you will always fall short because you aren’t them. And that’s 10000% ok. 

Looking at comparison from a fitness perspective, it can seriously mess with your head! I think physical comparison is really what causes so much stress and pressure for people, especially women, in today’s world. We think that if we look a certain way that we will like ourselves and that people will respect us or treat us a certain way, when that’s not the case. We compare ourselves to people that are in the minority and often look the way they do because they are paid to do so. Not everyone is built to be a supermodel or a fitness model and that’s ok! It is ok to NOT look like a model on instagram. It is OK to look the way you look right now. Health needs to be at the forefront of your priorities. You will not take care of yourself if you are constantly putting yourself down because you don’t look like someone you think you should look like. You WILL take care of yourself when you appreciate and love yourself. You are fearfully and WONDERFULLY made.

I’m not some self-love expert. I don’t have it all together in any way, really, but I have noticed that I am much happier when I am focusing on how I can improve myself out of positivity instead of negativity and comparison.


Questions for you:
What steps do you take to make sure you are appreciating yourself?

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