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Carrie Tries: 5 Days Without Makeup

Happy Monday, friends!

A few weeks ago, I did my very first installment of  “Carrie Tries” and I cut caffeine out of my diet for 5 days. Check out the video to see how it went here! Today, it’s time to start Carrie Tries, episode 2, which is:

5 Days Without Makeup

For some people, 5 days without makeup is no big deal. For me, 5 days without makeup is almost like the end of the world for a couple of reasons. First, I love makeup. I find the art of applying it very theraputic and I think makeup is a great way to express how I might be feeling. I like to experiment with new applications and products and try new techniques. Second, I have problem skin so concealer and foundation are things I’ve relied on to cover my blemishes up as much as I can.

The main reason I wanted to do 5 days without makeup as this episode of Carrie Tries is to try to address the second reason. Makeup does make me feel better and more confident about myself, but I really need to work on being confident without it. I don’t wear makeup around the house and I’ve definitely started wearing far less makeup than I used to, but I still rely heavily on light coverage foundations to make me comfortable and I’d like to break that a bit. I also think that wearing makeup less often will help with my breakouts as well. I think my skin very much needs a break every now and then and I’d like to be comfortable enough to give it the break that it needs.

I’ve always had problem skin, but my skin was at its worst after Maddie was born.

The worst of it was hormonal and has generally cleared up at this point, but I do have blemishes and uneven skin tone now and they do cause me to feel uncomfortable without makeup most of the time.

Anyways, with all that being said, after these 5 days, I hope to become a bit more comfortable and confident in the literal skin that I am in. Now, for the rules!

For the next 5 days, I am not allowed to wear any makeup. No mascara, no concealer, nothing. Clear lipgloss and chapstick are approved and clear brow gel is fine just to keep my brows in place. As always, I will be vlogging this week and I will post a video next week to share my experience with you guys!

I’m excited to see how this goes and hope you guys follow along with me!

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