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People, Let Me Tell You Bout My Best Friend!

Last week felt like it lasted forever. Mike was out of town on a business trip so it was just Maddie and I for 5 days. Well, me, Maddie, and the cast of Frozen. All of a sudden, she’s OBSESSED with it. I went to the gym last Sunday afternoon but, with Mike gone, it wasn’t really possible to go to the gym simply because by the time Maddie and I would come home and eat dinner, it was almost her bed time. They also don’t have childcare when I usually go in the morning. I wanted to get outside and go walk with her one afternoon to get some sort of activity in, but it rained basically all week. Mike got home Thursday and it was nice get back into our normal routine.

This weekend was so much fun! My friend Meghan and I have been talking about her coming to visit for awhile and she was able to come up this weekend. We didn’t do much on Friday since she came in late but Saturday was a ton of fun. We had homemade donuts for breakfast and then got ready to go into the city to visit some people. We stopped in Franklin to see Meghan’s grandparents who are the SWEETEST people in the whole world. Mike and I stayed with them when I tried out for American Idol in Nashville back in 2010. We hung out with them for a little while and talked about hockey and caught up on how life has been. They loved meeting Maddie, too!

After our visit, we went to lunch at a place called Nachos and then we went to the mall for some shopping. After the mall, we went into Nashville to visit Meghan’s brother. We saw his new apartment and hung out there for a little while and then went back to the house. Everyone was still pretty full from lunch, so Meghan and I decided to put together a cheese tray and make mimosas instead of making a full dinner. We just relaxed since we had been out and about all day and everyone was pretty tired.

Sunday morning, Mike took Maddie to Home Depot to get a new lawnmower (adult things) while Meghan and I watched the first season of Laguna Beach (not so adult things). After lunch, Meghan went back home. We hadn’t seen each other in almost a year so I was really glad she was able to come visit. It’s hard for us to make long trips with Maddie since a 4 hour trip turns into 6 sometimes which leaves less time for visiting. The great thing about Meghan and I is that we could go a year without seeing each other and you’d never know it when we are together. Maybe one day I’ll share the story of how we met (trust me, it’s a good one).

Sunday afternoon I took a nap and then we all went to the gym. It was my first workout in a WEEK. I worked shoulders and chest and then did some cardio. Overall, it felt great. I’m working on doing things I enjoy in the gym. I’m also trying to focus on exercise being a form of self care instead of being a way to try to “fix” myself. Positive thinking will bring positive results!

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This week should be a pretty normal one. I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed because we have events on our calendar nearly every weekend through SEPTEMBER and it’s started to stress me out. They’re all fun things, but it’s a lot of stuff! I’m sure I’ll feel less stressed when I get a chance to really map out what’s happening when.

I hope everyone has a great week!


Questions for you:

1. What did you do this weekend?
2. How long have you known your best friend?

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