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A Reflection on 2017 | New Year’s Series Part One

As the year comes to an end, I wanted to actively reflect on how the year has been, what I’ve done well, what I’ve done wrong, and how my goals for 2017 panned out. I also want to map out my goals for 2018, but I think that would be too long of a post for one day, so I’m separating this into two posts and making it a New Year’s Series, if you will. Today’s blog post is part one.

2017 was as much of a fresh start as any adult will get. We moved to a different state and I started a new job at the beginning of January. We didn’t know anyone, we didn’t know the area, and we had to create a new life and routine almost entirely. Now, Middle Tennessee is home and we love it. We’ve met people, we’ve gotten plugged in at our church, and, with the purchase of our home, we’ve planted true roots here. It hasn’t been easy and there have definitely been some hard times, but moving was good for our family.

My main goals in 2017 were to be positive, learn to love myself, and live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. If you follow me on Twitter, my pinned tweet is my first tweet of the year and it literally says that this year is a year of positivity and self love. It was my mantra this year. For the most part, I think I really made progress in those areas. Fitness-wise, I’ve lost almost 20 pounds and I’ve really made progress in finding balance. I’ve found what works for me mentally and physically as far as food and exercise goes and that feels really good! I have some bad days still and those are really tough, but, overall, I’ve made great strides in living a balanced and healthy life.

Self love is still a hard one for me in multiple aspects. There’s a fine line between self love and narcissism. The word narcissist is so harsh but I think people forget that self love really isn’t about selfishness. Yes, you deserve to be happy and you deserve to be safe but not at the cost of someone else’s happiness, particularly those who you are close to.  I follow a girl on instagram, her handle is @courtneyerinn if you want to check her out, but she posted this a while ago and it sums up my thoughts on self love.

“So many of us take self love to a ridiculous extreme, to the point of caring for ourself (sic) before others, putting our selfish desires before what’s noble and honorable, and before caring for another human being…be whoever you want to be in this life but the least we can do as human beings is not hurt anyone in the process.”

I have been guilty of this this year, if I’m being honest, and it truly hurts me to know that. That being said, being guilty of this extreme of self-love (which is really selfishness, if we’re honest) has taught me a lot and I am thankful for the people closest to me more than ever.

In 2017, I decided to jump on board with the “Word of the Year” trend. My word (along with many other people) in 2017 was flourish. I wanted to flourish in all aspects of my life. It seemed fitting with starting fresh in Tennessee so I stuck with it. I think I did flourish in 2017, but in different ways than I’d hoped. I have flourished at work and I love my job. We have flourished as a family in our new home. I didn’t flourish in a few areas I wanted to (my lettering side business and YouTube wasn’t as successful as I’d hoped since their algorithm changed) but I flourished in areas that I didn’t have on my radar. I feel like 2017 has really given me a solid ground to work from in 2018. I don’t feel as lost as I did at the beginning of this year and I finally feel like I can make goals that build off each other instead of creating new goals and starting over each year.

Overall, 2017 was a year of learning and I’m thankful for that. On to 2018!


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